Walls and brickwork are an attractive means of reclaiming space and putting it to work for you, transforming the landscape of your property. If you are looking for Walling and Brickwork in Coventry you have come the the right place.

Through excavation and retaining walls you can achieve many purposeful and traditional effects, from a tiered level patio with a brick barbecue to adding function and depth with a new driveway . Walls and brickwork can also provide added security and lighting to the front and mood lighting in the rear garden.

We offer a wide range of brick finishes as well as the complete collection from the Marshalls range including sandstone, fell-stone and old mill-brick. We are able to match existing brickwork to give a lovely flow between old and new, and our finishing techniques include professional brickwork pointing and rendering external walls to give you a choice of traditional exposed brick pointing and a more modern smooth render. Your finished construction will be attractive as well as safe and sound.

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